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Amour Flavour | smokable herb blend | herbal smoke canada
Smokers Herbal | Herb Smoke | Canada
herbal smoking | smokable herb blend | herbal smoke canada | Smokers Herbal

Amour - Herbal Smoke Blend

Ensō Herbals
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A sensual smokable herb blend of warming herbs to gently awaken & connect to your heart

Roll (with or without cannabis flowers) or brew these loving herbs for gentle moments of comfort and ritual - ideal for journaling, painting, dancing, gardening, love-making. Contains 20 grams of loose herbs.

To brew : Add a heaping teaspoon to a tea infuser. Add boiling water & let steep between 2-5 minutes depending on desired strength. Enjoy this herbal, non-caffeinated tea hot or over ice with lemon.


Connecting with your lover

Connecting with your creativity

Self love practice - heart opening

Gratitude & self compassion ritual

Ingredients (All Organic) : Mugwort, Raspberry leaf, Damiana, Calendula, Rose, Peppermint.