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Citrus Earrings - Oranges
Citrus Earrings - Oranges
Citrus Earrings - Oranges
Citrus Earrings - Oranges

Citrus Earrings - Oranges

Citrus by Talia
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These earrings are handmade with real citrus, which are dehydrated and then preserved to create these one of a kind earrings. Due to the use of real citrus the size/shape/colour will vary and each pair is 100% unique. Each orange slice will react to the process differently. Some may curl or wave slightly, the coloring may vary, the shape/size will vary slightly. How much rind, where the center of the wheel lies. Each slice is different. This emphasizes nature, us, and over-all beauty.

Made with surgical steel ear wires. Size will be approximately 2-2.5 inches in diameter.

Care instructions: Because these are made with real fruit they are fragile; treat them with love! Don't step on them, sit on them, put them in the bottom of a bag without protection. Do not get them wet. Getting caught in the rain is okay, but don't swim in them or shower in them. As long as you treat them with love they will last forever!

Please note these earrings are NOT edible.