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White Ceramic Incense Stick Holder Round
Round Ceramic Incense Stick Holder, pink
Incense stick holder. White, ceramic, round
Yellow ceramic incense stick holder
Ceramic Incense Stick Holder
Incense stick holder. Round Ceramic
Yellow Incense Stick Holder, round ceramic
Round, clay incense stick holder canada
Round ceramic incense stick holder, yellow

Incense Stick Holder Dish

East Wheeling Clayworks
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These vertical standing incense stick holders are perfect for catching ashes as they fall and keeping them contained within its walls. These burners are compact, taking up only about 4.5" of space on your table, shelf, or windowsill. These dishes are beautiful even when not in use.

Approx size 4.5-5" wide x 1-1.5" tall

These incense holders are made by hand so please note each one will be unique and have slight differences than the photo. They are made from durable stoneware and are completely non-toxic.