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Tend Multi Use Herbal Blend | Smokable Herb Blend | Herbal Smoke Canada
Tend Multi Use Herbal Blend | Smokable Herb Blend | Herbal Smoke Canada

Tend Multi-Purpose Herbal Blend

Tend Apothecary
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Multi-purpose herbal blend to nourish, restore and calm your system.

How to use: 

SipThe easiest way to use the blend is sipping in a tea or infusion. Sipped hot or cold the herbs help to calm and restore your nervous system, settle the stomach and digestion, and replenish nutrients and minerals.

Smoke: Rolled or vaped alone, with loose organic tobacco, or to microdose cannabis flowers to enhance the relaxing effects and connection to ones physical body.

Soak: Add several tbsp to a muslin bag or tea ball and steep into hot bath water or foot soaking basin. Promotes relaxation, softens & calms irritated skin.

Steam: Add a tbsp to simmering water and allow the volatile oils of the plants nourish your skin. This method can be used as a facial steam to open airways and benefit the complexion. Or as a pelvic steam to increase circulation and tone uterine tissue.

Infuse: Infusions are a nice way to incorporate herbal medicine into your daily habits. Try adding a few tbsp into honey, vinegar, wine, or body oil and let infuse for 2 weeks. Strain and enjoy.

Burn: Sprinkle on some charcoals or burn in a heat safe dish as incense. For ritual cleansing, and a calming herbal aroma for your home.

Ingredients: chamomile, mint, passionflower, damiana, raspberry leaf, rose.

Properties: Calming, sensual, nervine, nutritive, digestive, uplifting.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada and are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Please consult a medical professional in case of pregnancy, breast feeding or pre-existing health conditions.