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Tarot Tea - Soothing Nervous System Blend

Tarot Tea - Soothing Nervous System Blend

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this nourishing nervous system tea helps calm the body and relieve anxiety. Deeply soothing and comforting, this tea provides a cleansing sigh of relief.

How to work with Tarot Tea:

Ask a question or seek spiritual guidance while sipping your tea in meditation, then pull the tarot cards from the box. Each card has divinely timed inquiry & information for you to contemplate while you channel your inner wisdom with help from herbs. Take note of any inspirations, ideas, or revelations you have.

❈ 1: card 1 represents the past of your question, issue, or desire

❈ 2: card 2 represents the present of the situation

❈ 3: card 3 represents the outcome of the situation

Organic Ingredients: damiana leaf, lemon balm, lavender, cleavers herb, oat straw, calendula petals, peppermint