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Connect | Heart Opening Herbal Smoke Blend

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This intentionally crafted herbal smoking blend will help you connect more freely with yourself and with others. As you smoke, feel your heart expand, opening you from blocks in connection + intimacy. This blend can have an aphrodisiac effect, improving blood circulation, and helping you to feel more in tune with your body. Perfect for pre-love making rituals, alone or with loved ones.

This organic blend of herbs is great:

If you want to cut down on your cannabis and tobacco consumption

To add flavour and healing properties to your rolls

To enhance physical touch, self love, and heart opening

To burn as incense, drop in a ceremonial bath, or steep as tea


10 grams

Organic Ingredients:

Damiana, Rose, Calendula, Raspberry Leaf, Spearmint

Directions: Grind it up & sprinkle this blend in with your cannabis to cut strength and add flavour, or smoke on it’s own by rolling or vaping. 

*not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women*