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Guided Journal | Questions and Rituals for Self Reflections and the Moon
Guided moon journal for new moon journaling prompts
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Guided Journal | Moon Journal | New Moon Journal Prompts
Guided Journal | Full Moon Journaling | Full Moon Journal Prompts

Moon Lists: Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection

Leigh Patterson
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Moon Lists is a guided journal loosely organized around the phases of the moon. It provides a place to note feelings of gratitude and moments of mindfulness while celebrating the turn of the seasons.

A workbook filled with questions, list-making ideas, and prompts for taking inventory of the self. One step in a direction of exploring parts of the mind + present tense that are new, unknown and full of possibility. An exercise for breaking through creative, emotional, and transitional roadblocks.

Inspired by '70's astrology, art and DIY manuals, Moon Lists encourages journalers to stop and reflect on the precious moments in their lives before time passes them by.  A set of evolving monthly writing prompts and suggestions for physical activities can be completed individually or with a partner, and will offer readers some perspective on the present and their recent past.

Paperback, 160 pages. Measures 7” x 9”. Published by Clarkson Potter. Written by Leigh Patterson.