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The Lip Balm - Menthol & Matte
The Lip Balm - Menthol & Matte
The Lip Balm - Menthol & Matte

The Lip Balm - Menthol & Matte

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The founders of Picot had been on the hunt for the perfect lip balm and couldn't find it. So they made it. Inspired by ingredients in facial serums; why aren't we treating our lips the same way? This lip balm will help to soothe dry skin and maintain smooth skin, all with a sensational scent designed to feel fresh and minty.

Key Ingredients:

Organic beeswax - natural barrier, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
Squalane - helps maintain hydration and improve skin elasticity, leaving it soft and supple.
Vitamin E - antioxidant, protecting lips from environmental damage and promoting healing of chapped or dry skin
Cocoa Butter - emollient rich; heal and soothe chapped or cracked lips
Menthol Crystals  cooling and soothing sensation

Smells like:

Sweet Birch